Jennifer Self Langley, Founder and President

For over fifteen years, Jennifer has provided event planning and association management through her company, Jennifer Langley Events, to some of the top associations in the Atlanta area. She is also an advocate for the arts and believes strongly in the need for promotion and awareness of the arts to everyone and all ages. She founded the ArtsCard in the year 2000 with an initial launch of over 1,000 members, most of which are still members today.  Her vision is to make the arts accesible through moderately priced awareness events, discounts for members who join, and chances to win free tickets for opportunities to try new venues the winner may not ever have experienced on their own.

    1. meet the ArtsCard team:

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Myra McElhaney, Social Media & Communications Director

As a speaker, writer and corporate trainer Myra has worked nationally with corporate clients, universities and professional trade associations presenting keynote speeches, training programs and workshops. Whether she’s talking or writing, Myra uses humor and stories to communicate information and share life lessons so audiences and readers gain insights and feel encouraged. Her personal blog, “Enjoy Life and Do Good” emphasizes three areas: Work with Purpose, Live with Passion and Make a Difference. Myra enhances the ArtsCard experience for venues and members through her social media posts and blog writing.

Stephanie Mattison, Development Director

A former flight attendant for United Airlines for over 16 years, Stephanie has traveled to every state in the U.S. and approximately twenty countries. She has handled two emergency landings and was chosen to work the White House Press Corps charter flight when former President Bill Clinton was in office. In 2006 she founded, which she recently franchised to Charlotte and Charleston. Stephanie brings to ArtsCard strong people skills, the experience of having grown and franchised a small business and the ability to stay calm when things appear to be crashing.