Former ArtsCard Artists of the Year Include:

2009 Artist of the Year

MAP 3; Atlanta Artist- Deanna Sirlin, Venetian Architect- Monica Trevisan & Torinese Composer- Giuseppe Gavazza

MAP3, an international collaboration among three artists, proposes Future Tense/Past Tensions, a multimedia installation designed specifically for the roof terrace of the Peggy Guggenheim Collection. Using new technologies, MAP3 planned an interactive site work incorporating music, architecture, and painting.  Visit MAP 3's web site for more about the concept of Future Tense/Past Tensions- the bond between time and place.

2007-2008 Artist of the Year


Atlanta-based artist, Chad Awalt, is known nationwide for his work in wood sculpture and is represented in Atlanta by Mason Murer Fine Art, as well as many galleries throughout the U.S.  Visit Chad Awalt's web site for more of his original work, collections, awards, exhibits, and biography.

2006-2007 Artist of the Year


A New York City, NY-based artist.  "I want to make images that are timeless expressions. I¹m heavily influenced by such Renaissance masters as Verrocchio and Uccello, as well as Tang dynasty tomb sculptures of horses. The shapes and color I use carry mass & form. The line adds energy."  Visit David Dalessandro's web site for more of his original work, collections, awards, exhibits, and biography.

2005-2006 Artist of the Year


A Plano, Texas-based artist.  "Dynamic motion is the hallmark of Victor Arnold's work. There is in every painting a subtle asymmetry, a slightly tilted perspective, or a poetic angle. One line jostles another gently. Shapes strike up conversations, and parallel marks fall out of formation and dance with each other. The whole composition springs exuberantly to life."  –Suzanne Deats, FOCUS art magazine, Sante Fe, New Mexico.  Victor Arnold is a featured artist of the Waxlander Gallery, 622 Canyon Road, Santa Fe, New Mexico.

2004-2005 Artist of the Year


An Atlanta-based artist.  "I hope to place you inside my painting. I want the paint and the color to envelop you, for you to understand the multiple colors and fractures contained within each of the strokes of color that move through my work. In the ways that I previously investigated nature, I am now investigating my own painting to discover all the roots and fissures contained within each brushstroke."  Visit Deanna's web site for more of her original work, collections, awards, exhibits, and biography.

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2014 ArtsCard Artist of the Year:


Russell Kaye is an editorial and advertising photographer who has completed hundreds of assignments across a wide variety of genres including portrait, lifestyle, fashion, landscape, science, travel and food. Editorial Clients include AARP, Discover, Esquire, National Geographic Adventure, This Old House, The New York Times, Gourmet, Glamour, Self, Saveur, Reader’s Digest, & Southern Living.